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–The pickups of the L.A. supermarket/shooting scene were completed on March 31st. The mini-crew (Dean, Andrew, Clint, Jenny, and I) filmed at a Japanese Market in Little Tokyo, but we were able to make it look very American (oh, the irony). Our eyes grew big when we saw all the Japanese drinks and goodies that we missed so much. Our two actors were wonderfully nice (look for them as pirates in Pirates of the Caribbean 3: World’s End). We went out to eat yakitori before heading over to a Ralph’s supermarket outside USC to film the shooting scene (look for Andrew’s cameo). ‘Mujo No Kaze’ is officially in the can! Or hardrive.

–Paul, Mark, and Mei Yen are coming for the Biola Media Conference in less than a week! We are excited to reunite with our friends and collaborators from Japan.

–The film keeps getting better with each new cut. We’ve been playing with the structure, and many possible options keep appearing. Our editors have come up with some great ideas. It will be interesting to see what is finally used in the end.

–We’re still trying to pin a date down for the L.A. premiere. Possible dates include the end of May or the end of August. It is our hope to create an elegant and memorable cultural event.

–Finally, I have almost completely finished the extended teaser trailer. As soon as Dean approves it, we’ll let you know when and where it can be viewed. It will feature some music by our composer, Samuel Kim. I can’t wait for you to see and hear it, for it is but a taste of what is to come!

–Posted by Alyssa Iwata


It’s the eve of the official first day back at Biola and I finally have time to sit down and actually do one of these things. Maybe it was my yearning to express my love and gratitude for being able to go to someplace only found in dreams or maybe it was Papa Yamada’s threats that he was going to lower our grades for not posting a blog, but in either case, here I am.

I think the first thing the Biolan group noticed upon returning was just the aesthetic differences between the two places. Whereas we spent 2 weeks in a more tranquil, laid-back, courteous environment has now transcended into something so uninviting that it was almost depressing to be back in such a polluted, junk-yard known as LA. I am not saying that I am unpatriotic to my native area, but the differences were noticeable and it just kind of made me slump in my seat and kind of made me think of all the people that leave their international homes to do that ‘once-in-a-lifetime-trek’ to Disneyland or LA and then to only arrive in this heap. I immediately felt homesick for Japan.

I think the greatest thing about going on this trip was finally being able to put all of our training to work. We did the ultimate location-shooting in an alien 9000 mile adventure to which some of us may never do something so extraordinary again. We got to be professionals in our own world and finally learned how to execute our talents in our areas.  To see the entire production process in full effect was so inspiring to want to move more into this profession and really built it up inside of me. The other thing to mention is that the long days on sets, walking all over the place, and riding cramped trains made me love two things: respecting my day’s work I had put in, and rejoicing at the sleep I had earned that night.

The other thing that made this trip great was bonding with everyone in the crew. Andrew had mentioned once that this experience made that perpetual professor/student line dissipate. I had so much fun joking around with Dean and realized that although his position was more important than say mine (clapper is highly important but we’ll keep it at debateable for the sake of this post), he was still another gear in the machine and I guess it made me personally feel like we were all equals on the set. I also loved being able to get to know all of these great people that I literally have never talked to during my three years at Biola. It was fun to be able to goof off with Jason or pretend to steal Nantikan from him (hahah…yeah…pretend…wedding’s set for June) or comply with Andrew and realize we were lost brothers in some world due to our similar personalities. Perhaps it was just trying to irritate the girls with some annoying sound out of boredom, touring the arcades with Josiah, talking with Will on the train, or acting like little ‘mischeviously confused’ chil’ren with Lee, or the endles amounts of questions with all of our guides and translators. I had so much fun with all of you, learned so much about everyone, as well as myself. I miss Japan because it didn’t represent just filming a trip but it was the true test to finally express what we want to do with our lives. May God be blessed and thanked for this awesome opportunity. Thank you to everyone for letting me goof off all day and share in the laughs.

 Okay Dean. I did the blog. Keep your meathooks away from my grade.

-Posted by Pvt Cpl. Clint Thompson Esq XIV, AKA all around good guy.

Hey, got a ‘wallpapers‘ page going. If you’ve got a picture that you think would be an awesome wallpaper (related to the film project) send them to me. If you don’t have my email it is: peter at kinesisonline dot net (replace at and dot with the appropriate symbols – this is to avoid spam by the way…)

Anyway, enjoy!

Trees swaying, birds flying,
Rains falling, waves crashing;
The wind howls with all its might,
Small children are scared at night.

Today it roars, tomorrow no more,
Look and see, what had been before;
The wind dies down as though not there,
To know where it goes, that is rare.

It whispers softly on a quiet day,
Try as you will to keep it at bay;
No such luck for any to succeed,
For one cannot grasp it, difficult indeed.

Yet stand tall in its face,
As you run this life race;
For your journey is not one fleeting,
There is a Man you will be meeting.

On that Day, all shall stop,
The Lion on its mountain top;
The wind has made its final call,
For those who seek not to fall.

Flowers blooming, birds singing,
Sun shining and you are living.
Know the path set before you,
Our time here is almost due.

Written by Peter Luu
Inspired by Mujo no Kaze – Jan. 13 2007

PDF Version

Greetings from Tokyo. It’s nearing midnight here and we have finished our 4th day of shooting. Things have been going great. The film will be a great addition to your home DVD library (Only 10.99 + tax) Just kidding! It’s been a great experience just being in Japan and experiencing life as a Gaijin (foreigner). God has been good and our crew has been terrific.

Today we shot in a section of Tokyo called Shibuya. Similar to Times Square, New York, this area is known for it’s large square and pedestrian traffic. It was interesting to weave through the people on their way to school and to work as we attempted to film our main character running through the crowd.

The square today during shooting.  That's our script Supervisor, Will.

The square at night.

Here’s a video I took of the square at night. I apologize for the poor quality, I took it with my digital photo camera. (Trust me our film will look better…) ;)

The most interesting location we have had so far was yesterday as we actually left the city and traveled to the countryside to film at a small train station. The area was beautiful with a running river, trees and an authentic Japanese temple as well as a brewery. We felt like we were sightseeing as we shot our film!

Yesterday's Location.

Aside from the film, we truly are getting the Japanese experience. I, along with several brave members of our crew, have eaten things we never would have believed. I have eaten squid, octupus and even raw horse. (We were really hungry…)

We have seen many different sides of the culture, from the electric city, which has evey piece of technology you could even imagine, to a crowded Subway where people were literally shoved in, to an authentic Japanese onsen, this trip has been terrific. Thank you for all your prayers and continued support.

God Bless-
Jason Becker