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The Los Angeles premiere of “Mujo No Kaze” is set for Saturday, December 1st at the AFI Ted Ashley Screening Room in Los Angeles and will run from 8:30-11pm.

Doors open: 8:15pm

Showtimes: 8:30pm (followed by Q&A with writer/director Dean Yamada and crew); 9:15pm.

Dress is semi-formal. Reception at same location. Admission is free!

Directions from Biola:
1. Start out going south on Biola Avenue toward Cortina Dr 0.3 mi
2. Turn right onto Rosecrans. 2.3 mi
3. Turn slight right onto Firestone Blvd. 0.3 mi
4. Merge onto I-5 N. 12.1 mi
5. Keep LEFT to take US-101 N toward Los Angeles/Civic Center. 8.6 mi
6. Take the Hollywood Blvd exit- Exit 8B. 0.2 mi
7. Take the Hollywood Blvd East ramp. <0.1 mi
8. Turn slight right onto Hollywood Blvd. 0.3 mi
9. Turn left onto N. Western Ave. 0.3 mi
10. End: 2021 N Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027, US

Time: about 30 minutes (watch out for traffic, though!)


Filming in the countryside on the coldest day ever …







— Mei Yen —

Today we went and fiilmed at the beach in Kamakura and also at a Shrine called Hachimangu where we filmed the peonies. Luckily it was nice and warm today at the beach. We arrived around 11:30am and had lunch. Then we went to the beach and filmed there from about 2pm to about 4pm. It went really well there and our actors were amazing. The beach was reasonably empty and the sky was really clear and it looked absolutely gorgeous. Then after the beach Dean, Jason, Andrew, Nantikan, Paul, Faith, Ryosuke, and Hiroki continued on to the Shrine. The garden was absolutely beautiful and it was really cool to see the peonies in full bloom. The garden wrapped around a lake and there were ducks on the lake along with a really pretty crane. Also there were ALOT of hawks flying around. I have never seen so many hawks in one place before! Then after that we had to film the voice overs so the actors and Dean and Andrew and Faith all sat in the car to film the voices while Nantikan, Paul, and Jason walked around a little. The rest of the group watched the sunset at the beach and went to Habikura to eat at McDonalds and then returned home. We all arrived back at Matsukawa Place at around 8:30pm. It was a long day, but it was very relaxed and it was a lot of fun.


Greetings from Tokyo. It’s nearing midnight here and we have finished our 4th day of shooting. Things have been going great. The film will be a great addition to your home DVD library (Only 10.99 + tax) Just kidding! It’s been a great experience just being in Japan and experiencing life as a Gaijin (foreigner). God has been good and our crew has been terrific.

Today we shot in a section of Tokyo called Shibuya. Similar to Times Square, New York, this area is known for it’s large square and pedestrian traffic. It was interesting to weave through the people on their way to school and to work as we attempted to film our main character running through the crowd.

The square today during shooting.  That's our script Supervisor, Will.

The square at night.

Here’s a video I took of the square at night. I apologize for the poor quality, I took it with my digital photo camera. (Trust me our film will look better…) ;)

The most interesting location we have had so far was yesterday as we actually left the city and traveled to the countryside to film at a small train station. The area was beautiful with a running river, trees and an authentic Japanese temple as well as a brewery. We felt like we were sightseeing as we shot our film!

Yesterday's Location.

Aside from the film, we truly are getting the Japanese experience. I, along with several brave members of our crew, have eaten things we never would have believed. I have eaten squid, octupus and even raw horse. (We were really hungry…)

We have seen many different sides of the culture, from the electric city, which has evey piece of technology you could even imagine, to a crowded Subway where people were literally shoved in, to an authentic Japanese onsen, this trip has been terrific. Thank you for all your prayers and continued support.

God Bless-
Jason Becker

First, I want to thank Alyssa for setting up this blog. I am Paul Nethercott, TEAM missionary in Japan and Director of CAN. It is a thrill to be one of the producers of the short film Mujo No Kaze which will be filmed on locations in and around Tokyo.

I am looking forward to seeing the ten students and one teacher (Dean Yamada) here in Tokyo soon. It is now Tues. afternoon Tokyo time and the group arrives on Thursday evening (December 4, 2007).

I am also looking forward to seeing what is going to come out of our film project. I think it will be a catalyst for a lot of good things.

Warmly, Paul
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