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By jove, I’ve got it! After going on many a wild goose chase to get the formatting right, it is finally here.
Yes, ladies and gents, the extended teaser trailer is now available for your viewing pleasure! It’s a slightly bigger bite than the previous one, but it is still just a taste. An hors d’oeuvre, as it were. Bon appétit!

–Posted by Alyssa Iwata

P.S. The quality of the video is sort of on the level of cheese-whiz and crackers due to the video hosting site. When our website is launched, the quality will be that of brie and fine caviar. Just so you know. You’ll actually believe us when we say it was shot in HD!


As I sit here a week and a half later re-reading what people have posted I become speechless. Not only on this site do I become speechless, but when people ask me the classic question I’m sure we’ve all become accustomed to, “How was Japan?” The answer is not an easy summation. Even as I’ve been asked that over and over I still cannot become heartless enough to give our experience in Japan a summarizing pass over phrase. The only way that I have come to explain it is in silence. Every time I go to explain it I will take at least half the time to be quiet and gather my thoughts as I begin to explain the wonders of Japan. I feel silence is the proper reverence to hold to Japan. Not a secretive silence that claims, “Don’t worry about it. What happened in Japan stays in Japan.” But rather, an awe inspiring reverence of beauty and magnitude.

It’s taken a week and a half for me to post this because I needed that time to process the sensory overload that was experienced by our journey. There were good times and bad, our group was amazing and I am absolutely thankful for every single person that God placed there. But still as I think all of us feel and most of us claim, Our work is not done in Japan. The day we arrived back to La Mirada Erin and I went out to lunch. We both had this feeling that neither one of us could fully express, but we both would have hopped back on a plane in a heartbeat to return to the mysterious islands of Japan.

I believe my favorite memory of Japan will be the very first time we went into the Tokyo districts. We ate dinner in Harajuku, this is where we tried the raw horse. But what I will always remember about that night is sitting around a table with 13 fellow friends sharing a meal in Tokyo. It was small but amazing.

As I sit typing these words the events play fresh in my memory of every day. I remember, and

I will never forget.

Thanks to all for your prayers and support.

Posted by Andrew Watkins

May I present…
Top Ten Indications That You Might Be Experiencing Japan Withdrawal

10. You feel weird and unnatural when using a fork.

9. You make a bunch of wallpapers from the pictures you took in Japan and change
them daily.

8. You miss futons while you’re lying in your own comfy bed.

7. You rent Lost in Translation solely because it takes place in Tokyo.

6. You drink green tea everyday and are disturbed when you go out for ice cream
and they don’t carry matcha aisukuriimu.

5. You have to restrain yourself from saying “sumimasen” repeatedly in public.

4. You’ve eaten Japanese food at least four times in the past week and can’t stop
thinking about sashimi, unagi, shiso leaf, and Royal Milk Tea.

3. You scoff at the lame American vending machines.

2. You force your mother to take you to a Japanese market as soon as you
step off the plane.

And the number one indication that you might be experiencing Japan withdrawal…

1. You try to put yourself to sleep at 4 in the morning by reading guidebooks on
Japan, which doesn’t work because then you can’t stop thinking about it, so
you make Top 10 lists about how much you’re experiencing Japan withdrawal.

Some of you might resemble this list (everthing above is true of me). This past week or so has been tough, but I hope a little bit of humor can help you remember the good times we had and will have in the future. In Japan. : P

posted by alyssa iwata