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May I present…
A very very very short clip to whet your appetite!
Sort of a teaser of a teaser trailer, if you will.
Please don’t be terribly disappointed because it’s so short. It is 35 seconds more than zero seconds, which was how much footage was on this blog before this moment!
So, without further (or much) ado (about 35 seconds more than nothing)…
A tease! A taste!

P.S. I hope to have a full trailer edited by mid-April at the latest, probably. Maybe.

–Posted by Alyssa Iwata


–Post-production has been in the works for the last month or so, and I, for one, can barely contain myself as I watch Mujo No Kaze emerge from the ground and begin to grow. True, it is only a sapling at this point, but I believe that God is breathing life into this film and that it is beginning to take on a shape of its own.

–We’re planning on shooting the grocery store scene in a couple of weeks and are still looking for Daichi’s body double. It will most likely be a night shoot, which will be a new experience. Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!

–The rough cut is nearly complete. Three editors from Dean’s Advanced Editing class have been cutting Mujo No Kaze on Avid and are doing a great job (can you imagine cutting dialogue scenes that are in a completely different language?). It is currently about 14 minutes. The footage is beautiful, but I hope it’s not too orange :) .

–Finally, look forward to a website, the press kit, a trailer, and information about the premiere in the coming months!

–Posted by Alyssa Iwata